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FAST + SIMPLE + CHEAP The ONLY Answer to Your Workers Comp NEEDS NO Deposits! NO Audits! NO Hassles!



We provide the best workers compensation options offering personalized service throughout the State of Florida. We can assist you in insuring all industry Workers Compensation codes ranging from High Risk skilled labor as well as all Blue, Grey, & White Collar Industry Workers.

We have the unique ability to provide wholesale rates for Workers Compensation benefits in YOUR Industry, saving you money no matter how small or large your organization is!

We’re available when you are – online and on your schedule. Get started on a quote right from your computer so you can get back to running your business.

No Policy Too Small
The truth is, serving small businesses isn’t profitable for most traditional workers compensation companies. EMSWC’s platform makes it possible to serve all businesses, even those with fewer than ten employees.

The Protection Your Company Needs
Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law in the U.S. EMS Workers Comp has the certs you need to get on the job site.


[vcex_teaser style=”two” text_align=”center” heading=”FAST” img_align=”center” img_size=”thumbnail” background=”#eaeaea” heading_color=”#005e9c” heading_weight=”bold” image=”367″ img_filter=”grayscale”]♦ Same Day Approvals
♦ 7 Minute Sign-Up Process
♦ Same Day Certificates[/vcex_teaser]
[vcex_teaser style=”two” text_align=”center” heading=”SIMPLE” img_align=”center” img_size=”full” background=”#eaeaea” heading_color=”#005e9c” heading_weight=”bold” image=”370″ img_filter=”grayscale”]♦ Call
♦ Click
♦ Email[/vcex_teaser]
[vcex_teaser style=”two” text_align=”center” heading=”CHEAP” img_align=”center” img_size=”full” background=”#eaeaea” heading_color=”#005e9c” heading_weight=”bold” image=”369″ img_filter=”grayscale”]♦  No Premium Deposits
♦  Pay-Per-Use Program
♦  No Cancellation Fees[/vcex_teaser]


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